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I can’t believe Summer In the City is just around the corner! I’m nervous as hell, especially since I’m heading down there on my own now.

I’ll be meeting people that have only existed to me online and that is scary too! But if the YouTube is anything, it is friendly and full of creative like-minded people.

[img src=’http://www.flyingsquidwolf.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/DSC01996.jpg’ width=” height=” ][/img]

I went to ComicCon in Manchester again this year, I’m not sure why but it felt like it just wasn’t as good. Maybe its because I was hoping to make another awesome YouTube video but I guess once you’ve filmed it once then there isn’t many new things to cover.


I did a demo broadcast of the thing I’m doing for Twitch last night, click here to check out the demo video.


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