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Hey, I haven’t been writing for a while but no hard feelings. Good? Good. I went to my first ever EvE meet up this week and it was awesome.

Drunk diplomacy is best diplomacy

Getting up at at the crack of dawn to catch an early train was brutal though, I had a little nap on the train. Overdosing on caffeine helped too.

When I arrived at Euston I was still half asleep and got lost on the underground. I should have gone Northern > DLR (or Circle) but instead went the wrong way on the Northern Line and the 20 minute journey to the venue ended up taking an hour.

When I arrived I noticed most people were outnumbered by Mercenary Coalition which I thought was quite intimidating, I did get a selfie with Selene though.

Selfie with Selene #TweetFleet

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The day was awesome. I got there for 1pm and nobody else from Gallente Militia had arrived yet so I was doing the rounds of talking to people from other Alliances, I wasn’t the only first-timer there either which made me feel better.

Around 3pm was when everyone else started flowing in, particularly from GMVA and that was awesome! Finally meeting people from my Alliance offline for the first time.

I’d definitely go to the next one.

The best ship is The Friend Ship

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