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Well its only been just a damn long time hasn’t it! I almost completely forgot I have an actual blog for actual blogging but we can’t all be perfect can we! So to get back into the swing of things I thought I’d show you what I’ve been doing over the past year.


Firstly, I’ve jumped back into EVE Online in a big way and I now want to start creating content for the game community. I’m talking about a Twitch stream, artwork, and other cool stuff.

After a big web design project didn’t work out I’m taking a step back from that side of my work and focusing more on media. I’ve dabbled with a few other things here & there but I always seem to end up back at media, which makes sense since I have a degree in the damn thing!

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 10.47.26

My 2016 in photos, I bet you’re squinting trying to see these!

‘One year later’ and I can 100% say I’ve moved on, I think this has been the biggest push to move forwards with everything I’m doing and that is definitely a good thing.


The whole media thing brings me to my YouTube channel. Ever since I started this channel the plan was to upload once a week which we can all agree I haven’t stuck to. Last year I uploaded about 2 years worth of content, some of which was a bit awkward considering the circumstances, but thats life. Get over it.

This summer I’m going to Summer In The City, finally! I was supposed to be going with Rachael but she can’t get the time off so I’m gonna be meeting some other ’emerging talent’ (Google’s phrase, not mine) that I met last year at a meetup so I won’t be twiddling my thumbs in a corner somewhere wondering why I’m down there on my own.

[h5]I work for Deliveroo on some days of the week, they know me as Squidwolf.[/h5]

I really want to get back into Stickam YouNow but I just can’t think of anything to do live in front of a webcam (get your head out of the gutter) but I’m going to try to commit to once a week streaming. I’ve made some friends on there so maybe there could be a collab? This is out of my depth.

And speaking of the YouTuber community, Google has finally created a website for us to get to know each other. As far as I’m aware its invite only at the moment but they’ll undoubtedly open it up to everything soon enough.

[h3]Day Trading[/h3]

A short little segway before we continue is that I did try to get back into uni. Well I got an unconditional offer for Banking and Finance (wait, what?!) but unfortunately Student Finance England wouldn’t let me get my 5th year of funding for a course that isn’t related to my degree. Ugh, maybe its for the best.


So this Twitch stream. Well, relating it to the above, I’m creating a weekly market show for EVE Online. It’ll be live and it’ll focus on the EVE Economy. Along with that, I’m creating a news website to go with it.

It sounds ridiculous but you’ll just have to wait until its all setup to see what the idea is.


Yep, next question.

So thats my life in 2016, see you next week.

Edit: Wow, its really been 7 months since I last wrote on here!

Squid why are you putting Ads on your blog?! I thought we were friends!

Because shit doesn’t run on fresh air.

This is a lot of stuff, where is the monies coming from?!

See above.

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