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Hello blog. what’s occurring? yes it has been a while.. Are we cool? Good.

I haven’t been out much lately, I’ve been really busy preparing for the big move to Squidwolf Ltd. Although I did go to SatansHollow last week with Rachael & Jordan, that was a nice break from things.

So the past month has been insane, I’ll get the bad news (which is almost fixed) out of the way first. My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. The good news is that it was so tiny that they removed the tumour with key hole surgery and “she no longer has cancer”. Next up is 3 weeks of radiotherapy to make sure they got it all.

My mother is being incredibly brave with the whole thing almost to the point where you’d think it wasn’t a big deal. Everyone has been reminding her to stop thinking about how everyone else is feeling about it & focus on herself, she is finding that hard. That is just the way she is.

YouTube? I’ve been slacking but as of tomorrow I will have caught up with my videos, check the video I made about TTIP:

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